The theme of SAFE2014 is “Promoting Global Action For Sustainable Agriculture, Food and Energy”.   With the said major themes,   this conference  invites research papers on the following sub-themes and areas, including but not limited to the following areas:

(1)   Sustainability of food in science and technology

(2)   Sustainable bioenergy sources and management.

(3)   Sustainable agriculture for food and energy production

(4)   Sustainability assessment of food, bioenergy and agricultural development

(5)   Policy development and guidelines to support global action for sustainable agriculture, food and energy in Asia Pacific.  

(6)   Sustainable food security

(7)   Alternative energy

(8)   Climate change and food or energy security

(9)   Networking in sustainability development

(10)    Sustainable product development

(11)    Understanding the value of sustainable technology

(12)    Putting sustainability into practice 

Two-step Quick Submission Process

  1. Authors prepare their abstract and article  using the template from SAFE, Template_SAFE_2014
  2. Send the abstract and article in Microsoft Word format either By email:  or Via the  EasyChair for SAFE2014 Submission System.  Authors will get a confirmation email within 24 hours after the submission.